Information for kids when their parents have separated


It can be hard to know what to tell your children after separation – whether you get on well with their other parent or not.

We have compiled some resources we hope will assist you – and your children – through this time.

8 Tips on Telling Your Kids You’re getting a Divorce

​How to tell your children you are separating

​An age-by-age guide for talking to kids about Divorce​

Primary school aged children

Tips from the Family Court of Australia

​There are some great Sesame Street short videos with Abby Cadaby explaining Divorce and talking about some of the things young children worry about (e.g.: is it my fault?)

​Whilst not specific to separation, Headspace may help your teenager deal with the myriad of issues they face.

Kids Helpline can assist younger children.

If a Family Report is to be prepared in your case and/or you have been ordered to attend a Family Consultant, these videos help explain to your kids what to expect

Kids often have a lot of questions when their parents have a family law case.

These links may answer some of them:

5-8 year olds

9-12 year olds


Has an Independent Children’s Lawyer been apppointed? Make sure your children know what that actually means

Books and websites about post-separation parenting:

Coparenting Today

Children Beyond Dispute

Mom’s House Dad’s House